Homag AG
  • Site Management (installation of machines, commissioning, quality acceptance)
Homag AG
  • Site Management (Installation, Commissioning, Software)
Audi Ingolstadt Halle N 50 Neuer Decklack
  • Monitoring and support of single phases …
  • Coordination of aggregates installation
  • Coordination of the filler line, BC, and CC line installation
  • Piping
  • Mechanical inspection with IB
VW Autoeuropa Portugal_Umbau
  • Site management and logistics (steel construction, conveyor systems)
MAN Munich
  • Site Management (filler line assembly, SPK, control groups, aggregates)
Porsche Zuffenhausen_E – Mission
  • Steel construction (about 970 t) -> BOK
  • Installation of conveyor systems
Magna Maribor
  • Project management (planning, mechanical inspection)
Chemie AG
  • Site Management, Installation, Commissioning, Software